Turning Garbage Into Fuel and Other Fun Ideas

Turning Garbage Into Fuel and Other Fun Ideas

How to Ensure a Successful Skip Bin Hire

by Encarnacion Guerrero

A skip bin hire can be just what you need to easily collect trash and other debris during a renovation or remodeling project, or you may want to think about such a bin when you're planning a move. Being able to easily toss out furniture and other items you don't use any longer can mean not having to actually move those items when you change residences.

To ensure that you have a successful skip bin hire, you might want to keep the following considerations in mind. Talk to your rental agent about these before actually signing any paperwork, so you know you get the right bin and don't incur any extra costs.

1. Know how full is full

In most cases, you can only fill a skip bin to the height of its edge and not any higher. In some cases, there may also be a "fill" line inside the bin, showing you how much debris you can put in the bin. Failing to note this and overfilling your bin can mean incurring extra costs, as the rental agency may need to remove some items before they can haul the bin away. They may need to tie down a lid on the skip bin or ensure that their vision is not blocked when hauling it, so they will typically have requirements as to how full is actually full for the bin.

2. Ask if tyres can be tossed out

A skip bin rental agency may allow car tyres that are attached to a rim, but many do not not allow large truck tyres or heavy-duty tyres to be put into their bin. Some may not allow any type of tyre to be put into the bin. If you're cleaning out a garage or know you have tyres in a basement and may want to have those removed, be sure you ask about this before assuming they can be tossed in the bin.

3. Ask if they recycle

If you're very eco-conscious, you don't want to assume that all skip bin hire companies will recycle the items you put in your bin. Some may simply take bins to a nearby landfill and everything is dumped out. Some, however, might actually pick through your garbage and remove wood, metal, plastic, and glass that can be recycled. If you prefer that items be recycled, you might see about finding a recycling center yourself so you can take in as many items as possible, or work with a skip bin hire company that does recycle the items they pick up.  

For more information, contact a local bin rental company like McSkips


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Turning Garbage Into Fuel and Other Fun Ideas

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