Turning Garbage Into Fuel and Other Fun Ideas

Turning Garbage Into Fuel and Other Fun Ideas

DIY Asbestos Removal: How to Clean Up and Contain the Waste

by Encarnacion Guerrero

Asbestos removal is a dangerous process and should be conducted by a qualified and licensed expert. Therefore, if you have discovered this dangerous material in your home, you should not opt for DIY work for personal and environmental safety. However, if you are a competent person who meets the appropriate requirements, you might be able to remove non-friable and stable asbestos material from a limited area in your house.

If you decide to handle the work personally, you must be cautious to avoid costly mistakes. One of the challenges that you might encounter during your asbestos removal undertaking is decontamination. This process involves the clean-up and disposal of the hazardous material. If the asbestos waste is managed poorly, the fibres could linger and cause long-term harm. Here are central tips for cleaning up asbestos waste after removal.

Seal in the Asbestos

You should place the removed stable asbestos in garbage bags while the material is still wet. The chosen bags should be approved for use in handling hazardous building materials. It is important to use two bags for each load. Ideally, you should place the material in one bag and then seal it. Then, place the sealed bag in the second one and seal it. The bags should have an appropriate warning to ensure that the people handling garbage removal and disposal remain aware of the danger.

Use Clean Rags 

Cleaning the small fibres in your home after asbestos can be frustrating. It is tempting to use a broom or a vacuum cleaner. Unfortunately, a broom will only agitate the particles, causing them to be airborne. If you use a vacuum cleaner, you will only end up contaminating it. It is not efficient enough to eliminate the asbestos fibres. You will achieve the best results by using a damp cloth to wipe up the room. You should also have clean rags for wiping up your tools.

Keep the Gear On

When cleaning up after asbestos removal, you should not take off your protective gear. The fallen particles in the room might not seem significant. However, you could harm yourself by inhaling or touching the materials. Therefore, you should keep the respirator, goggles, head protection and coveralls as you clean up the space. When the cleaning process is completed, you should remove the gear and bag it like the asbestos waste.

Finally, you should contact an asbestos waste removal company to dispose of the hazardous building materials along with the cleaning rags, disposable wear and the sheet covering your workspace. For more information, contact a company like All Types Of Rubbish.


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Turning Garbage Into Fuel and Other Fun Ideas

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