Turning Garbage Into Fuel and Other Fun Ideas

Turning Garbage Into Fuel and Other Fun Ideas

How to Keep Stress to a Minimum During Your House Renovation Project

by Encarnacion Guerrero

Whilst renovation work can certainly be challenging at times, it needn't be a total nightmare; there are several things you can do to minimise the amount of stress caused by this process.

Hire a skip bin

Many first-time home renovators find themselves a bit taken aback by how messy the renovation process is. This type of project usually involves removing old fixtures and built-in features, such as carpets, cabinets, light fittings and tiles. This, in and of itself, can result in the accumulation of a huge amount of rubbish. Additionally, the process of fitting things like new cabinetry, appliances and flooring tends to lead to a lot of packaging and construction waste materials being strewn around the home. In addition to increasing the risk of injury (somebody could easily trip over items left on the floor and injure themselves), this rubbish also creates a somewhat chaotic environment and can make the experience of living on site very stressful.

Some homeowners choose to remove this rubbish themselves, putting it into refuse bags and dropping it off at their local recycling and refuse centres several times a week. However, this is not only inconvenient and time-consuming but, if the centres are not nearby, is also a waste of fuel.  In short, this approach will only serve to increase your stress levels even further.

Hiring a skip bin is a far simpler, more cost-effective and efficient method of waste disposal during a renovation project. You don't have to spend your free time putting things into dozens of refuse bags, or worry about trying to transport it all to a rubbish tip or recycling centre; when your project is complete, the bin hire company will simply come and collect the bin, along with its contents, and dispose of it for you.

Prepare for the unexpected

Renovation projects are not always straightforward. This is especially true in cases where the work is being done on an older property. This type of building process, which often involves piping being re-laid and walls being torn down, can sometimes reveal underlying plumbing, electrical or structural issues. Many homeowners find that it is these 'surprises' that cause them the greatest amount of stress. However, by being aware that unexpected issues may arise, and making sure to budget and prepare accordingly, you can reduce the impact this kind of event has on you.

For example, if after tearing down a wall, your contractor discovers asbestos (a highly toxic building material that was used for several decades in the construction industry, before  it was found to be poisonous) concealed within its cavity, you may need to suspend your renovation work until it can be safely extracted by an asbestos removal expert. This will obviously delay your project and cost you a considerable amount of money. But if you have already put aside some extra cash for this type of event, you'll be better able to cope and your stress levels won't rise quite as much as they would have, had you been completely unprepared. 


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Turning Garbage Into Fuel and Other Fun Ideas

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