Turning Garbage Into Fuel and Other Fun Ideas

Turning Garbage Into Fuel and Other Fun Ideas

On the Street: Will Your Rented Skip Bin Pose a Hazard?

by Encarnacion Guerrero

Safety is probably not a factor that you consider when it comes to skip bin hire. The skip bin is going to be perfectly safe. After all, it's a hulking great mass of metal, so it's not as though anyone can run away with it. But what about the possibility of the skip bin being unsafe for others? This is something that needs to be considered when you're unable to accommodate the skip bin on your property and need to position it on the street directly outside your home, once you have acquired the necessary permit from your local council. So what are some of these safety considerations?

Placement of the Bin

The first consideration is whether you will be permitted to place the skip bin in the desired location. Are there any parking or stopping restrictions directly outside your property? This can mean that the bin cannot be placed there, or at least it applies very strict conditions as to the timeframe. A permit to place the bin on the street might be refused when parking or stopping restrictions are in effect. This might mean that a reconsideration is needed. Can the bin be placed in an alternative location on the street where it will be permitted but is also easily accessible? You don't want to have to carry heavy loads of refuse over great distances. You might also want to consider renting two smaller skip bins so that they can be accommodated on your property, with a staggered drop off and collection. For example, a second, smaller skip bin could be deposited when the first (likewise smaller) skip bin is collected. The intended positioning of the skip bin can also be problematic when you live on a corner or on the crest of a hill, meaning that the bin might create a hazard if motorists are unable to see oncoming traffic.

Safety on the Street

If the bin can be placed on the street directly outside your home, it's important that it's highly visible, particularly at night.

  • If possible, place the bin directly under a streetlight so that's clearly illuminated from dusk until dawn.

  • To place a bin on the street, your local council might require that it has been fitted with a number of reflective markings. The bin hire company should be able to provide these, or it might be that the bin comes with these markings pre-painted.

Placing a skip bin on the street can generally be worked out, but you need to consider the safety of those who will be using the street.


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Turning Garbage Into Fuel and Other Fun Ideas

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